Monday, April 20, 2015

Reno@TY Maisonette - one month's progress

This week, all the walls have been patched and made good. Lots of plastering works were done to make everything flat and smooth. The toilet wall tiles have been grouted too.

 The half height kitchen wall is looking very smooth and the flying beam above it.
 Above: view of kitchen and staircase underside - all plastered smooth.

For the upstairs common bathroom, after we hack an existing wall away, we found that the floor surface was not flat to receive the new flooring. So our dear contractor has to screed it smooth before it's ready to receive the flooring. Here's how the amoeba shape screed look outside the bathroom!

 Bathroom walls all grouted.

staircase flooring completed too. contractor using making tape to hold all the floor tiles in place...looks like many big pieces of plasters!

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