Thursday, April 16, 2015

Reno@S Maisonette - plastering complete

Screeding bed in there are planks of wood on the floor for us to walk around. 
The place is still in a mess but it will turn out nice soon!!! Hit into a roadblock this week, there's a RC stiffener not shown in the original HDB floor plan and it's smack right in our planned dining area. Our home owner has called to HDB and the officer said that it cannot be removed, then why in the first place it wasn't shown on the floor plan? And we are the highest floor, so technically we don't really need the RC stiffener to support any flats above us since we are the last floor....

back to the drawing board tonight.
Plastering works in the kitchen, new windows up. Lots of tools laying by both sides of the wall. Coming week, electrician is going to be very busy and partition works scheduled to come in too.

 Bathroom wall and floor tiles completed!

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