Sunday, April 12, 2015

Reno@VistaSpring - Master bedroom carpentry

Carpentry works at our Vista Spring BTO flat has finished! Both the boys are here to take a look before the contractor tidies and washes up the flat this week to hand over to the home owners. At our last visit, the carpenters were all busy doing their work and we didn't manage to take photos of the bed as it wasn't assembled yet. So today we can see how it looks now. It's finished in the same wood laminate as the wardrobe with a black horizontal band and bedside drawers.
Here's how the bedside drawers look inside - a shelf and a drawer! On the outside, there's no horizontal lines, just a plain surface. Smooth and easy to clean!

baby james checking out whether the bed is flat....
Under the bed, we have created storage compartments for more storage as the flats are getting smaller and the need for more storage space becomes more important for every young growing family. I guess these will come in pretty handy for bedsheets, quilt, extra pillows since the top shelf in the wardrobe is pretty hard to retrieve things unless you are like 1.9m tall.
LOVE these pull out drawers under the bed. 
2 big drawers on both sides of the bed, that makes 4 big drawers!!!
A quick look at the master wardrobe, I shan't put up too many photos since the last time we have already seen how it looks on the outside. It's a short wardrobe with 5 sliding panels. Some open shelves on the inside for bags and t-shirts. Top and bottom rails for hanging clothes. A dedicated section for long dresses.
3 drawers for shorts, t-shirts and underwear with the top most drawer being the accessory drawer. Finished with a glass top for easy viewing. We have also added a powerpoint within the wardrobe to power up a hairdryer.

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