Saturday, April 25, 2015

Reno@Trivelis II - Renderings

A family of 4 with helper came to us for space planning as the new flat is very compact. I find that the kitchen is really small, so small that I agree with the wife that she doesn't have enough storage space to hold her pots and pans and electrical appliances! Well, we are here to help!!!

And because they only have 3 bedrooms (the 2 boys will each have their own room) with a small living, there's a need to find a sleeping area for the helper too. So we really cracked our brains to find a space for her.

Latest Updates of Renders (May 2015)
Both the sons' bedroom configuration has changed quite abit due to tight constraints after we visited the flat. And we have added in the Fengshui blue and red colours into the sons' carpentry.


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