Monday, April 20, 2015

Reno@Towner Maisonette - Bright and brighter!

This week, masonry works are in progress - new walls are being erected, loads of sand on site. We are creating a guest room on the lower floor, so the timber door frame for the guest room has been installed.

 new walls are up and new timber door frames

 new guest room! lots of daylight coming through the windows.
 kitchen - screeding works in progress before we can start to lay the wall tiles

 upstairs - wall hacked! so nice and bright!!! 

It's really quite something. This comes with time and money in case you are wondering if this is an ordinary hack. Well it's not. Usually we will prep our home owners that to do this kind of wall hack is a long process with the relevant authorities. Not that we are discouraging home owners from doing it but to give them a heads up that the renovation will take longer due to more coordination work between the authorities, engineer, contractor, subcons, us and themselves.

once it's done, the results are fantastic!!! Don't you think so? The space is immediately illuminating with daylight and flooding into the stairwell.

ritey, will end this post with 2 more shots of the interior space of the newly hacked room

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