Thursday, April 30, 2015

Reno@S Maisonette - Plastering and more tiling works

Hello Hello!
It's another thursday again and this week, the wood tiles have completed at the dinig area, the existing RC stiffener has been plastered smooth, the walls are looking smoother and whiter. The kitchen backsplash subway tiles are in progress. This week, we are here to go through some of the reno works with the plumber, electrician and carpenter.
The new recessed area - looking better each day!
kitchen backsplash using subway tiles
 sliding door installation at the balcony area

 upstairs, all the ceiling works have been completed.
 some plastering works at the staircase void area.

door frames are installed.

Aircon works should be coming in soon before we start painting works...
Happy May Day!

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