Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bathroom - Pattern Tiles

thought i share these few images with everyone since pattern tiles have been surfacing in many of the home renos that we are doing for the past few years. So all I can say is that they are here to stay! For bathrooms or kitchen or even entrance foyer, they really do look quite splendid and define areas of a space really well.

I must apologize that as I was surfing for the images, I do not have the links to the respective images which I have posted here, however if you google key words like "pattern tiles" or "encaustic tiles", I'm sure you are bound to find these images online.
Above: this image really caught my eye because there's so many textures in this photo. From the brick wall behind the mirror to the small square white tiles for the shower wall, grey floor tile and pattern floor tiles at the dry area. And the countertop is finished in sinuous marble and wainscotting black door panels. It's amazing how it all pulls together nicely!

 Above: This is another example how colourful a bathroom can be!

Above: What I really like about this bathroom is that the attention is on the floors. All the walls are in white finish while the floor tiles for dry area is using a hexagonal tiles and wood in the wet area.

 hubs really love this idea of the pattern tile turning downwards onto the floor


i love this pattern tile!

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