Saturday, July 04, 2015

Reno@T2 Maisonette - Hacking!

 There's so many maisonettes in Tampines! And so many variations in their balconies.

Some facts on Tampines
Did you know that Tampines is the largest residential area in Singapore? And it's named in the 1900s afer a large forest of ironwood trees, or tempinis, were there.

Rites, back to our reno. For those new home owners of Tampines maisonettes must be eager to see how the reno will turn out right? Hacking is more or less completed with bags of cement delivered to site. The place is still in a mess, though I must say it's in an orderly mess.

We are running a very tight timeline for this reno... so there's going to be loads of progress in the coming 2 weeks!

 screeding done in the bathroom

retro staircase railing

 neatly placed bags of cement in the rooms

 Tiles on site

 Loads of debris to be removed at later stage

It's 3am while I'm blogging this. as you can see, I'm quite brain dead on words.


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