Saturday, July 11, 2015

Reno@H3 Maisonette - Tiling in progress

above: tiler at work
When we were visiting our H3 Maisonette over the weekend, the tiler was on site, quietly doing his work in the common bathroom downstairs.
 in the kitchen, new walls are up already

 above: tiling in progress in the bathroom upstairs.

Usually the tiling on the walls start first together with any erection of new walls. Once the walls are done, the floors can go next as waterproofing to the floors take some time before we can lay the floor tiles.
 tiling in progress. these are not done yet. grouting will be applied next.
 close up on the running tones of the wall tiles.

Running tones means that each and every tile will look different in their veins and tonality of the colour,  bringing some variation and freedom to the walls.
Minor touch up in the rooms...see the baby blue wall having 2 patches of white spots? These are the make good areas in the walls. Patching up have to be done before painting. If not you will see obvious waviness in the walls. However you can't expect the whole wall to be patched up, so if you want really flat smooth walls in the house, you will need plastering.

I usually recommend my clients to save the money on plastering if the flat is in good condition. There's bound to be waviness in the walls but once you have a piece of furniture or a painting, you will cover the waviness say 50%! or the focus isn't on the walls but on the furniture or piece of art.
So if you can save more, you can spend it other things!

that being said, there are some flats with the "anti-lizard" spray all over the entire flat. Ok. that's different. If we need to patch up some areas, expect to see some smooth areas and some "spotty, specky" these situations, you might want to consider plastering the entire flat.

that's jules saying bye!

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