Monday, July 27, 2015

Reno@Shelford - Another hacking site!

It's amazing how the Ghost Festival has such an impact on renovations! It's either to start before the hungry ghost or to start after the hungry Ghost. So during the month of Hungry Ghost, I'm hoping I don't have to blog on any hacking updates which is the usual first thing to do in a renovation.

anyway once the Hungry Ghost Festival is over, everything will pick up again and everyone will be gearing to complete their renos before Christmas or New Year. Those with children would want their renovations to complete by school holidays so that they can shift in and settle their kids.

yup. we need a holiday too. *hint hint*

Back to our reno at Shelford. The difficult thing about renovating condominiums is accessibility. It's not as open as HDB (you need special pass, permit and they are a lot more stringent on the renovating hours, sometimes you need a PE just to hack a wall!) and parking is not cheap. But for home owners, you can expect all your electrical wirings to be concealed nicely into the walls, install wall mounted WCs and have powerful kitchen appliances that wouldn't trip your apartment.

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