Monday, July 20, 2015

Reno@HollandD - Kitchen Glass backsplash (AQUA)

Glass backsplash is usually one of the last item in the kitchen to be installed after the kitchen top. For our reno at Holland, the home owner has chosen a really bright and cheerful AQUA (also known as electric cyan!!) glass backsplash for the kitchen.

Many homeowners often ask me whether should they have wall tiles or glass backsplash. Here's my 2 cents on glass backsplash.
  • super easy maintenance, one good wipe and you are done!
  • there's no grout and hardly any mould that needs to be cleaned
  • there's multiple colours to choose from
  • you can use it like a white board and write your recipes or things to buy on it 

if you do heavy cooking like those in the tze char stalls with great blazing fire wok style, then you probably should give it a miss. Because the soot and the heat might cause an area of the glass, often near the stove to have a charred mark. The other thing is the wok usually comes in a big size and you might accidentally knock your wok onto the glass.

And if you are thinking of mounting hanging rails on the wall, glass backsplash is not suitable because any mounting will likely cause the glass to crack.

if you are wondering what i am having in my kitchen. well it's a glass backsplash! I'm not running on gas which means i don't do wok style cooking. I'm running on electric!


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