Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Reno@LAS Maisonette - New Beginnings

july is a busy month for us!
this month we starting renovations for 3 maisonettes, all different in their own special ways.

The LAS maisonette recessed area has been purchased by the previous owner which will be designed as an entrance foyer to screen off private areas from public eyes. The wet kitchen and utility is seen as part of the private domain of the flat.


The island kitchen is a generator for social mingle & interaction. The host can prepare the food while the guests mingle at the island for food tasting or drink preparation. It creates a warm cozy atmosphere, making everyone feels connected, creating an informal audience.
The open concept kitchen hence becomes a focal point in the design. The island becomes a useful and decorative tool - whether to serve as a get-together, prepping counter or bar. The dry kitchen is placed side by side to an alternative formal sit down dinner dining.

While the kitchen is seen as the robust and highly traffic-able area, there's always room for a quiet moment. Tucked at the furthest end of the flat is the curved wall library, a part of the new home for winding down.

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