Saturday, July 11, 2015

Reno@104 LT - Parquet Herringbone

Usually parquet is done for the bedrooms as there's less traffic as compared to living and dining room. Parquet scratches easily so where there's more movement, chances of it being scratched are higher. However for this home, we are using parquet laid in herringbone style to the living and dining areas, as the home owners really love the woody look and feel. Real wood always feels warmer to the feet as compared to laminate or vinyl flooring. Wood tiles will give a very hard and cool feel.

There are quite a few ways to lay parquet. You can just google them and you can find the different patterns.

here are some different ways to lay parquet!

FYI: the current trend is the brick pattern but herringhone is making a comeback for floor and wall tiles!

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