Saturday, July 11, 2015

Reno@104 LT - Water heater - Electrical, Instant or Gas?

hello folks!

in case you are wondering about storage water heaters, there are horizontal and vertical types out there in the market.

and the ones that we usually use are the horizontal ones because we can either hide them in the false ceiling or we lay them horizontal (as they are suppose too!) and achieve a higher ceiling height as most HDB flats clear ceiling space is about 2.6m high.

For storage water heaters, 25L is about good enough for 2 bathrooms.

And if you are thinking about the differences in storage water heaters, gas water heaters and instant heaters.

Instant water heaters
Once you turn it on, there's immediate hot water. However all the water pipes from the instant heater are exposed in the bathrooms. And the instant heater is mounted directly on the wall. No hiding. Fully exposed.

Storage water heaters
You will need to turn it on for about 15mins to heat up the water tank before you shower. Water pipes can be concealed in the walls and you will only see the showerhead and mixer in your bathroom. The water tank has an access panel for maintenance. Probably you will need to maintain or change the water tank once every 5 years?

Gas heaters
I often get queries on how energy efficient are gas heaters as compared to water storage heater. Frankly speaking i have no answer as I don't have both to compare. I can only say I'm using a storage water heater and so far for 5 years running, it's ok and I have no need to call in any technical help.  And we shower everyday!!! 5 of us in the house. For gas heaters, you will need citygas to come in to install the heater and the heater is located in the service yard area for ventilation. Gas heater also need some time to "fire" up the water. But i heard it's faster than storage water heaters. Likewise for storage water heaters, you don't see the "tank" in the bathroom but only the showerhead and mixer.

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