Friday, July 17, 2015

How to sound polite electronically...smiley?

Happy or Unhappy?
often when i read or reply my emails, i'm not really sure whether my reader is feeling angry, impatient or irritated or just complaining until sometimes i have to resort to calling them myself and found out that they just wanted to point out certain items and are totally cool about it.

so does adding a smiley at the back of my sentence helps? cos i'm really genuinely quite ok with everything and not being defensive or unhappy... I think it works. cos when i see a smiley, i feel much better. or at least i know that the person on the other side is not angry. Unless that person is being a 2 faced individual who acts all nice but is actually pissed off. Ok, then I really have no clue.

my project manager sends me emails that goes...

enlighten me.

yup. like this. is he angry? actually no. he's just very curt in his emails and messages. how do we know right???

over-doing it?
i have friends who tell me that they have group chats that everyone puts smileys and all sorts of emoticons after a message! isn't it tiring? Frankly speaking, i don't really whatsapp. or tweet (no account). or facebook. i do it when i'm really really absolutely necessary when someone tells me "OMG how does your son even look like? i don't see him anymore on facebook!!!"  Sigh...kaypoh lah these people. ok. i will upload one or two photos for you to see.

not responding
At another lunch break, i have a colleague who tells me that whatsapp is like the most stupid app on earth! and i asked her why. She tells me that it's because whatsapp will let your receiver know whether the message was sent through (1 tick) and whether the reader has read it or not (2 ticks). So even if you don't feel like answering at that moment, and you have read the message, the person who sent it knows that you have read it. Shucks. so much for privacy!

Then my other colleague defended and says he just click on that group chat so that the hundreds of messages will disappear but actually he hasn't gone to read it yet!!! he just doesn't like to see so many numbers on top of the group chat. are you serious?


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