Saturday, July 11, 2015

Reno@T2 Maisonette - Setting out + Site Measurement

 we are here with contractor to check on the setting out of the new walls in the kitchen.

 Uncle is erecting new walls in the kitchen. The yellow strings help to guide him.
 waterproofing in the balcony. Once it's done, we can start to lay the floor tiles

 Bags of cement here!

 upstairs, new walls are up!

 Upstairs bathrooms wall tiles are almost completed, waterproofing laid for the floor. 
Grouting not done yet. Water pipes are laid.

 waterproofing to the floors

 ceiling needs a lot of patching up works as we are not having any false ceiling here. 
You can see the current state of the flaking paint and uneven surface of the ceiling.

 zoom in on the wall tiles! 
The pointing is kept about 1mm-1.5mm which is considered as a butt joint already. Pointing of tiles cannot be too close if not over time, expansion and contraction will cause the wall tiles to bulge and pop. 
Or water moisture from heavy rainy days will cause the tiles to pop too. 
So remember, always ventilate your bathrooms after a hot shower. Keep those windows open.

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