Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Reno@Trivelis (5 room DBSS) - FINAL PHOTOS

Trivelis 5 room flat comes with a huge balcony and if you are staying on the high floors, you can expect unobstructed view that stretches far and into the city! The balcony doubles up as a dining area during good weathers while the breakfast counter serves as an alternative venue if dark clouds loom by.

If you are interested in seeing how the interior of the storage bench looks like, please click here which i have posted earlier.

bespoke coffee table

For the master, there was a need for more storage area as the current wardrobe was pretty small. A storage bedframe and 2 side drawers were customised. The storage bedframe will come in handy for storing linen while the side drawers will store personal bed items. 

The master room uses a light wood laminate for both the bed and display shelf that is warm and soothing to the eyes. 

A timeless and gentle composition.

hubs loves this ratten chair - statement piece in the master room. 
Anchoring down a circular grey carpet.
The master shower area was very luxurious in terms of space. But lacking in storage which was a necessity. The current cabinet under the sink was not enough to put all "everyday" items like toothpaste, toilet papers, detergent, toilet bowl wash etc etc. We reduced the existing shower area, erected a new wall and added a tall cabinet to put shower and bathroom items.

Another design in the master which I personally love is this shelf which we customised. It was a wall niche that looked like a sort thumb, making the room looked kinky. Now it's personalized and accessorized by the missus to perfection. I just love the pale wood laminate which she has chosen that actually becomes warmer with the ocher downlights.

Hope everyone enjoyed our Trivelis House Tour!


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